H4H logo2018 Horseshoes for Hope Campaign

They say that hope can be found between what is and what could be.  At WindReach Farm, we see how our programs and services inspire hope in the children and adults we serve every day.

While you may not be directly leading one of our Therapeutic Riding Lessons or driving the tractor with a wagon full of school children, your campaign support can help us provide the impactful programs and services that have life-changing effects on our many visitors and participants.

Donate to the 4th annual Horseshoes for Hope Campaign and your gift of $100, $500, $1,000 or $1,500 will be recognized with a personalized horseshoe proudly displayed on our Bridge of Hope for a whole year.

Last year, in honour of Canada’s 150th, the H4H  campaign featured horses and riders from the Mounted Police Units across Canada as well as our own horses along with their stories. Just as each user of the farm is unique, every horseshoe in the campaign truly does tell a story! Please join us in supporting the campaign this year and become a valuable partner in our success.

We are pleased to announce the support of Roger Anderson, Chair and CEO of the Regional Municipality of Durham. Read Roger Anderson’s Letter of Endorsement

How Your Donations Help Children Like Kiera

Through donations WindReach Farm has been able to help many individuals with special needs, like Kiera, face the challenges before them in an environment that her mother describes as “magical.” Before starting at WindReach Farm, walking had alluded Kiera. She had been close for a while, but decreased muscle tone in her core seemed to be holding her back. A month after she first climbed onto her horse, Max, and experienced the thrill of therapeutic riding, she started walking independently, something her parents attribute directly to her riding. She now has the strength to run and, while riding Max, can hold a flag with both hands and can canter! We all celebrate the milestones of our children, but they have been particularly meaningful to Susan and her husband, Mike, as they have witnessed how hard Kiera has worked to hit each one. Riding also impacts speech receptors and has dramatically improved Kiera’s ability to communicate verbally. Knowing this, it is clear that the little moment when Kiera ran across the field with those dandelions and, with a big smile on her face, told her mother they were for her, was actually quite big. Her experiences at WindReach Farm have been life-changing. Kiera’s parents would like donors to know that the magic of WindReach Farm goes beyond the tangible physical benefits. In Susan’s words, “Being the parent of a child with special needs can be isolating, but not here. Here, there is a sense of acceptance. Here, people see Kiera for who she is, not what she has.” That is something every person deserves and, with your support through the Horseshoes for Hope campaign, together we can help make it a reality.

Read and share our: H4H Campaign letter 2017

About The Horseshoes

Each horseshoe on the Bridge of Hope tells a unique story. Gently used or well worn. Light canter or full gallop? These horseshoes show the world how the WindReach Farm community has come together to help children and adults who benefit the most from our programs and services.

Prominently displayed on the WindReach Farm Bridge of Hope, each horseshoe represent a generous gift made by a thoughtful donor. Horseshoes will be personalized for the period of one year with the option of renewing annually.

A symbol of hope and luck, our horseshoe to you reads: Thank you!

We Need Your Support

Help WindReach Farm ‘bridge the gap’ to ensure our programs and services remain available to those who benefit most. We graciously accept donations of any amount and direct them to the important work we do here at WindReach Farm.

Help us continue to inspire, empower and change lives!

If you are interested in finding out how you can become a sponsor a specific program, please email carol.dahlquist@windreachfarm.org or call Carol on 905-655-5827 x 231

Become a Sponsor of our annual fundraising gala A Night at WindReach Farm

To sponsor this event, email carol.dahlquist@windreachfarm.org or call Carol on 905-655-5827 x 231

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