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Be a part of history at WindReach Farm by supporting the training of our new foal, Sandy.

Sandy is the first foal born at the Farm. Through our Horseshoes-For-Hope campaign you can support the possibility of Sandy becoming our first ever born and bred Therapeutic Equine Therapy Horse! In return your name will be placed on our Horseshoes for Hope Bridge for years to come.

Sandy’s story

Gracie, Sandy’s mother, came to the Farm in June of this year. Gracie fit right into our equine program as if she has been here for years. When she arrived, we thought she was a little overweight which isn’t unusual for her breed of a Clysdale Cross. After two months of being at the Farm we noticed Gracie continued to gain weight so we had the Vet examine her. Much to everyone’s surprise Gracie was pregnant! Around 5:00am on the morning of September 11th, she gave birth to a beautiful healthy baby girl, who looks just like her mom!

Is it any surprise that we named her Sandy, after our wonderful founder Alexander J. Mitchell (Sandy)!

Ideally, our goal is to keep Sandy and have her trained to be in our Equine Program. However, it takes years and a fair amount of money for this to happen. Gracie fit right into the program and we think Sandy will as well.

The staff who work in our Equine Program, although highly trained, don’t have the resources or expert knowledge to provide the years of training that Sandy would need in order to be in our Therapeutic Riding Program.

With your support we can have Sandy trained at a nearby facility where her mother was actually bred and trained. We are confident that she will become just as good a therapy horse as her mother or even better!

Become a part of creating a little bit of history at the Farm!

H4H logo2019 Horseshoes for Hope Campaign

They say that hope can be found between what is and what could be.  At WindReach Farm, we see how our programs and services inspire hope in the children and adults we serve every day.

While you may not be directly leading one of our Therapeutic Riding Lessons or driving the tractor with a wagon full of school children, your campaign support can help us provide the impactful programs and services that have life-changing effects on our many visitors and participants.

Donate to the 6th annual Horseshoes for Hope Campaign and your gift of $100, $500, $1,000 or $1,500 will be recognized with a personalized horseshoe proudly displayed on our Bridge of Hope for a whole year.

June 2019

Dear Friend,

30 years! That’s how long WindReach Farm has been providing its unique, inclusive, farm-based programing to children and adults with disabilities in our community. And that is something to celebrate!

In our past letters we shared the stories of individuals who have been empowered by their time at WindReach. The value of WindReach can be understood through these stories, these glimpses into the lives of the Farm’s valued clients. At this 30-year milestone, we are struck by not only the uniqueness of each
story, but how many there are. Our programs have expanded and, with your help, we have had the privilege of knowing and serving, first hundreds, then thousands, now tens of thousands of clients over the years. That’s a lot of inspiring stories and a lot of lives impacted!

These are stories of people like Kiera whose mother shared: “Being the parent of a child with special needs can be isolating, but not here. Here, there is a sense of acceptance. Here, people see Kiera for who she is, not what she has.”

And Jim, who is a part of our Learning-4-Life adult day program. In the words of his sister-in-law: “What a difference in his short-term memory, people skills, and confidence! The skills taught and variety of activities [at WindReach] have made a huge difference to Jim’s
independence and skill levels.”

And Cruz, whose mother shared: “Like all parents, I want my son to be happy and experience the joys of childhood. When you have a child withaddition al needs, you are tasked with trying to work that in around endless appointments with doctors, specialist and physical therapists. This is why I’m so thankful for the therapeutic riding program at WindReach. It provides the therapy that Cruz so amazingly responds to, while bringing him the joy that
childhood is all about.”

WindReach Farm is reaching out to you in the hope you will support our annual Horseshoes for Hope campaign. Your gift helps to keep programs and services open for adults and children with disabilities. There are four levels of donations – $100, $500, $1,000 and $1,500 – that offer a special opportunity to have your name on a horseshoe that will be proudly displayed on the WindReach Farm Horseshoes for Hope Bridge. The last level of donation features our “Legend” horseshoes which gives you a horse with a story.

You will learn the horse’s name, rider and a bit of history of why this horse is particularly special. WindReach Farm horses are also included and highlight the incredible bond between a rider and their horse.

We look forward to seeing your name on the Horseshoes For Hope Bridge. Being in our 30th year we have so much to celebrate! We have grown our programs with some that have reached maximum capacity and we have added new programs like Horticultural Therapy and Adaptive Sports. With growth also comes challenges like requiring more program space and feeling the impact on our 30-year-old infrastructure; all signs of a well-loved and used facility requiring some attention.

Thank you for helping us reach so many people over the years, providing valuable and needed services to a part of our community that has few other offerings in the area and none as magical as this one.

With your continued support through the Horseshoes for Hope campaign, together we can help ensure another 30 years of inspirational stories!


Hejsa Christensen, Board of Directors
WindReach Farm Foundation

About The Horseshoes

Each horseshoe on the Bridge of Hope tells a unique story. Gently used or well worn. Light canter or full gallop? These horseshoes show the world how the WindReach Farm community has come together to help children and adults who benefit the most from our programs and services.

Prominently displayed on the WindReach Farm Bridge of Hope, each horseshoe represent a generous gift made by a thoughtful donor. Horseshoes will be personalized for the period of one year with the option of renewing annually.

A symbol of hope and luck, our horseshoe to you reads: Thank you!

We Need Your Support

Help WindReach Farm ‘bridge the gap’ to ensure our programs and services remain available to those who benefit most. We graciously accept donations of any amount and direct them to the important work we do here at WindReach Farm.

Help us continue to inspire, empower and change lives!

If you are interested in finding out how you can become a sponsor a specific program, please email carol.dahlquist@windreachfarm.org or call Carol on 905-655-5827 x 231

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