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2019 Annual Appeal

Your gift will inspire, empower and change lives this holiday season and all year long!

Meet Hayley Moore, who joined our adult day program, Learning-4-Life earlier this year. Hayley came to us after aging out of the public-school system at the age of 21. Her mother Cindy, was gravely concerned about the limited options that were available for her, one of which consisted of a program in the basement of an office building. Hayley deserves and needs better.

Her search began for alternatives. “Imagine my joy when I discovered WindReach Farm! Upon meeting the team, and touring the facility, I was amazed. To be honest, it was one of those moments when I shed a few tears on the way home, as I was so very happy that I had found the absolute perfect place for Hayley.”

Hayley is non-verbal in the traditional manner. However, she has many vocalizations and that day, not only was she smiling from ear to ear, but she was squealing and yelling with a huge voice. Her complete joy escaping from every inch of her. The fit was perfect!

Hayley’s happiness is apparent. She comes home tired, but smiling from ear to ear. When it’s a WindReach morning, she repeatedly hits her yes button on her communication device. She can’t wait to get back with her friends. Both human and furry.

“WindReach is truly the real deal. They walk the walk, in addition to talking the talk. I have always said that it takes a village to raise a child, and we are all so fortunate that WindReach is now a part of our village”.

Make a difference in the lives of many individuals like Hayley at WindReach.

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